To my city, my home again. May the blood never cease to flow.

This here, is an independent roleplay blog for the character Klaus Mikaelson of The Originals and formerly The Vampire Diaries. I am in no way affliated with Joseph Morgan, the CW, or either series. Anything you read here is of my own creative interpretation. Gifs/Icons and/or graphics you see featured do not belong to me unless stated otherwise.

S2/S3 TVD based & The Originals Canon Divergent

I promise I'm not a serial killer.

My Dinner Date with Joseph Morgan

Eat, drink, and be wary. The Originals Season 2 poster [x]


[ text; hybrid dick ]: You’re my favorite person in the world

[ sms; little orphan lockwood ]: And he finds time for humor? I’m touched.


When I auditioned for the role a few years ago, the audition notes referred to the fact that Klaus was a fan of opera. I thought to myself, ‘That’s so interesting’. -J.M  (x)