Comic Con 2011 - 2013 - 2014
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◢ Joseph Morgan

[ thelittleredridingwitch]

"I don’t think that I could ever rack up a tally of evil deeds to rival yours. So, don’t look down your nose at me and call me wicked. I may have done c things, but the crux of it was under duress. can you say the  s a m e ? “


" It neither matters what compelled you to act so ailing or didn’t. Truth is, underneath your appeal for reprieve lies a creature rife with hollowness. You fought and deceived for a useless cause and in the end you’ve been left with naught to show for it. — How very harrowing that must be. To learn that your excursion back here was such a squander. And therego.. so was my mother’s. You can pass along that message when you see her again.


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◢ thelittleredridingwitch◢ v4: undetermined◢ you capture gen's voice really well
Klaus → Season 2 Comic Con Trailer
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◢ klaus◢ devil in disguise◢ lovin the scruff

Daniel Gillies & Joseph Morgan | Comic-Con International 2014 Portraits

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◢ Joseph Morgan◢ Daniel Gillies◢ Keepin it in the family◢ They're both sexy as fuck here good lord

The story of [Klaus’] biological father will be told…We’ll learn the story of how Esther fell in love—met and fell in love—with the biological father [of Klaus] and how heartbreaking it was that Mikael’s fury led to his demise. —Julie Plec, Zap2it interview (via bloody-niklaus)

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◢ quotes from cast◢ I've always wanted this and yet this makes me extremely nervous

[ …. ]

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◢ headed offline for awhile.◢ i'll be back possibly.◢ thank you to those who helped me awaken my muse via small practice◢ bless your hearts.◢ kisses xx.

[ immortallockwood ]

Tyler would never say it out loud, but he wasn’t as thrilled as Klaus was about the hybrid revolution. Perhaps it was the only child syndrome eating away at him, but he liked the fact that he was Klaus’s first and only successful hybrid— for a time, anyway.

      Proper regulation? What do you want me to do?” He asked for clarification. Sometimes it was hard for Tyler to decipher exactly what Klaus was telling him. He supposed it came from the fact that he was over a thousand years old.

      “Oh, it’s not me she has the problem with, at least I don’t think so. She’s been trying to help me, with uh— feeding? But you’re probably right, I’ll leave that up to him. I haven’t really seen him much, I think he’s got his hands full with Elena, but yeah, they are both fine. Alive and kicking.
                         —So when should we expect you and your friends?”


Klaus sensed a gradation of demur from Tyler’s end without him furnishing any direct hints. He reckoned it were only natural for Tyler, his first born, to feel a modest degree of resentment. However, what Tyler had yet to learn was that Klaus deemed him most special for he represented the start of his success and even more, a hopeful and prosperous, future legacy.

— Control, mate. They exist without much government, Klaus rectified. Too often, the Original forgot just how timeworn he sounded to most modern individuals. The breeding grounds here give off a very primitive and undomesticated vibe. It’s nothing we can’t teach them with the appropriated time. They’ll learn to adapt. And if not, well let’s just say.. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. And by tricks… he had meant compulsion.

So long as you familiarize yourself in the art of covering your tracks, all will be well when it comes to the feed. I want you to indulge yourself. You’re part of my inner circle now, there’s no reason you shouldn’t pilfer from this earth whatever your young, and fickle heart desires. As a smug grin stretched across the elder’s face, Klaus adjusted the phone still pressed flush against his ear, Soon. Tell me, have your friends spoken any more of Mikael?

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◢ immortallockwood◢ v3: devil's requiem

[ immortallockwood ]

Poking in here to say I want that! I can already feel how embarrassed Tyler would be, and yes please. I love that crack verse, lol. 


It has officially been decided! Verdict says we are doing it. Weeeeeee! Lmfao I can already see it now… Stefan will be hella obnoxious and Klaus will prob give Caroline all sorts of scary and creepy ass vibes if he doesn’t impale her right away. Meanwhile Tyler will just sit there praying to himself Caroline survives and doesn’t dump him bc he’s adopted by mentally impaired lunatics that can’t even take care of themselves. HA HA HA I LAUGH AT IT ALL. Gimme, gimme!


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◢ immortallockwood◢ cforbesprogeny◢ cockyripperdouche◢ this will be a thing bc i am determined